How to Increase YouTube Video Views and get Viral

  • How to Increase YouTube Video Views and get Viral

Here are some quick tips about increasing your YouTube video views and getting viral quick.

  1. Pick a good topic that you know will drive user engagement and has a chance of getting viral. Trending topics are the best stuff to start with. Controversies are always popular. Then you may consider easy tutorials on something you know pretty well about.
  2. Make a good video on the topic chosen in step 1. Keep it long enough to provide adequate information in a clear and concise manner not too long that it bores the viewers to death. The optimum video duration on the web is 2-5 minutes. For advertorial content 2 Mins is the most ideal video length. Tutorials and short films can be longer but 5 mins is the preferred limit. If your video is longer break it into episodes.
  3. If you do not have animation capabilities use free animation software like whiteboard animation, cartoon character movie makers and other similar software online. You can buy a professional package latter or just order professional videos and clips on Fiver.
  4. Brand you videos well. This increases your trust and makes your brand and your channel easy to remember. Studies say branded YouTube channels are more likely to be subscribed.
  5. Boost your new viedo views by getting some quick views. YouTube is known to prefer and promote better performing videos over stagnant videos. Consider buying some YouTube likes to jumpstart your viral video campaign.
  6. Share your video as much as practically possible.