Remove qvo6 from Chrome & Firefox [SOLVED]

  • Remove qvo6 from Chrome & Firefox [SOLVED]

What is problem? is a search engine plug-in which may come during the installation process of some free software installed in your computer. It automatically installs itself to your browser. People are getting irritated by the issue of on their web browser, which makes the browser slow.

Following are the steps to remove problem from your Chrome browser, If you want to remove this from Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer (IE) then apply these similar steps according to their settings.

Steps to remove from Chrome

Step 1: Remove quo6 from your browser settings

  1. Go to Chrome settings
  2. Go to "On Startup" option > Click on "Set Pages" link
  3. Remove existing URL or insert your URL (i.e: and press OK
  4. Then, Go to "Appearance" option > Check "Show Home Button" and click on "Change" link.
  5. Remove existing URL or insert your URL (i.e: You can also select "Use New Tab Page", after your selection press OK

Step 2: Remove from your browser properties

  1. Go to your desktop
  2. Right click on your browser icon then go to "Properties"

Check the URL "Target" field, Remove extra characters after chrome.exe"

For Example Remove the RED Characters from the given URL

"C:Program FilesGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe"

  1. Once you are done click on "Apply" and then click OK

Restart your browser and now you are free from irritating trouble.