Php Trianing Program Roorkee

  • PHP Training Program Roorkee

While there are able students failing to find a suitable job, there are frustrated employers looking frantically for an able candidate to deliver at work. Fresh candidates who have completed university degrees or training programs popular training centres may have good knowledge of the subject but they do definitely NOT work-ready. Employers need to train them for 3-6 months to make them productive. Most employers do not have this luxury in this fast-paced competitive business world. This is where Nth Dimension comes in. We create industry ready professionals in IT Sector. Our Candidates can start delivering immediately or with very little exposure (typically 1 month). That is why we can confidently offer Job Guarantees to our prospective students. (Read terms and conditions).


First Month

  1. Basics of web development.
  2. HTML - CSS Coding : Learn highest standard website front end creation.
  3. Website Designing basics with Photoshop
  4. PHP : Server Side programming Basics
  5. Learn how to use Control structures, Functions, Arrays, String Operations etc
  6. Use Cookies and Sessions in Applications
  7. Make Disk I/O calls, Send Mails
  8. Make interactive forms and verify user inputs
  9. jquery, javascript and ajax
  10. One Project with Core PHP

Second Month

  1. Basics Content Management system (CMS).
  2. Learn to work with Content Management systems (Wordpress / Drupal).
  3. One Project with Content Management systems (Wordpress / Drupal).

Third Month

  1. Basics of Model View Controller(MVC).
  2. Learn to work with Model View Controller(Codeigniter /Laravel).
  3. One Project with Codeigniter / Laravel.


  1. Introduction to Hosting, cPanel, Domain setup.
  2. Basic Search Engine Optimization.
  3. Open Source tools to improve Productivity.
  4. Live Projects and Work Experience