review: Sub standard SEO hosting, Inferior Support

  • review: Sub standard SEO hosting, Inferior Support

Dear SEOs / Blogger / Business owners,

I am addressing all those who are considering buying C Class IP hosting service from I write this to share my nightmarish experience with the mentioned company. I am not motivated or paid by any third party and I swear every bit of this experience is my first hand experience with this so called SEO hosting provider.

Initially I had to sign up with them because we needed lots of domains to be hosted on multiple IPs. Why we wanted that is a different story of link networks, which I will explain in another post a few days later. is the cheapest vendor of multiple C Class Ip hosting service in the industry. ( read more about C Class IP hosting here )
They charge a minimal 12$ for 10 IP pack with a hosting space of 2 GB.
That lured me into signing up for the package. I normally believe "whats free is seldom useful and whats cheap is dangerous." This time I settled for cheap stuff and the company justified their brand name 'C Class' or 'third class' in the rendered services.

The first two months were good. The problem started as soon as we started adding more domains. Here are the troubles that build up as you spend time with them.

  1. Some domains just drop out for no reason. I was using private nameservers and 2-3 domains out of 10 regularly dropped off. That is they would just return 'website not found' or 'request timed out' every time you try to access them.
  2. Very low disk space. You will run out of disk space even if you host one domain per IP. That's a poor 200 MB per IP and a total of 2 GB for 10 IPs.
  3. Ping rates to sites hosted on them are notoriously low. You might have to refresh the site / page 3-4 times till it opens. I am aware of DNS issues at the ISP and I have made sure this is not something related to the ISP by testing the same sites from multiple global locations.
  4. Nodeworx - Reseller Hosting / SEO hosting Control Panel
    It will take a seasoned webmaster a week or more to get used to nodeworx / siteworx. That's a WTF piece of software used to manage hosting on
  5. License Issues. runs into license issues with Nodeworx every now and then.
    What does it mean to us?
    It means that you have no access to your websites control panel for weeks. In my case it was three weeks. I was stuck with three malfunctioning sites and two complaining clients because the morons at could not resolve the issue.
  6. Inferior Support
    Their support via tickets system is the most pathetic one I have ever encountered in my entire career. They never reply to the tickets when they are in trouble. For example if they cannot resolve an issue they will stay away from live chat and never respond to tickets.

Each time you post new tickets you get a message saying 'we are working on your issue and we will update you ASAP'. In whatever country they live in the term 'ASAP' or 'as soon as possible' stretches into 3 weeks.

Apart from these support and technical issues, I have noticed that sites hosted on such hosting providers tend to lose their trust drastically. That is the same domain if hosted on a trusted hosting provider would do much better on Search Rankings when compared to

I will assume that to be a result of the following:-

  1. High downtime
  2. Bad Ping Rates
  3. Suspicious IPs spawned with low quality content, small domains.

I sincerely hope this review will save you time and money. If only someone had written one before I would have saved weeks of frustrations and a couple of hundred dollars in hosting fee.

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