The Five Cross Platform Mobile Application Development Tools One Should Try

  • The Five Cross Platform Mobile Application Development Tools One Should Try

Cross-Os platform for mobile development is coming up at a time when the conventional mobile apps such as iPhone and Android are slowly waning. People should try to acquaint themselves with the new kid on the block, cross-Os platform for mobile development. Although it is still a new thing and still developing it comes with so many advantages.

Below are some examples of cross-OS platform development tools for you to try out and find for yourself if they really will be alternative to the conservative mobiles apps.


The RhoMobile platform as a tool for mobile development allows development of native apps for a variety of Smartphone devices and also operating systems. Some of the operating system that is can accommodate include iPhone, android, Windows mobile, Rim and Symbian.

RhoMobile framework allows you to enter your code once and then thereafter you can use it to build apps for the big Smartphones. The advantage with RhoMobile is that it makes it easy for native apps to fully utilize the available hardware which include GPS, camera and also location data. Besides Rhodes the current RhoMobile 2.0 iteration provides RhoHub which is a hosted development environment. It also offers RhoSync which is a self standing server that works by keeping app data current on the user's mobile devices.


According to a poll conducted amongst twitter followers about the best cross-platform tools, Appcelerator emerged as the top favorite. Appcelerator is also another big platform that offers FOSS, it also has a unique feature called the Titanium Development Platform which makes it easy for the development of native mobile, tablet, and desktop applications. It does these via typical web development languages that include JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby and HTML. With Titanium from Apccelerator you can access over 300 social with APIs and location info.

Some other interesting features of Appcelerator include metrics for actions and events that can be customized. Users can store App data in the cloud or on the device and the applications can fully utilize hardware especially camera and video camera capability.


WidgetPad is simply an all inclusive open-source mobile development platform that is used to create Smartphone apps by use of standard web technologies that incorporates CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript.

Some of the features that this platform carries include project management, source code editing, debugging, collaboration, versioning and distribution. Some of the tasks it can be successfully be used in include; creating apps for operating systems like iOS, Android, and WebOS. It is still private and so if you want to access it you can contact its creators.


This is a cross-platform mobile development tool that helps users to create apps for iPhone, iTouch, iPad, Android, Palm, Symbian and also BlackBerry devices. It does all these using web development languages such as JavaScript and HTML. With it you will also be able to access hardware features such as GPS/location data accelerometer, camera, sound and more.

The other thing that this cross-platform mobile development tool offers to users is a simulator (an Adobe Air app). You will also be sure to find online training sessions that will help you access native APIs to build working mobile apps on this platform.


MoSync is yet another cross-platform mobile application development tool that is based on ordinary programming principles. Some of the unique things that MoSync features include Eclipse-based IDE for C/C++ programming. The other features which include support for JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, Python, and also other web languages are planned.

This platform supports a wide range of operating systems; some of the OSes it supports include Symbian, Windows Mobiles, Android, and also Moblin which is a mobile Linux Distro. Support for iPhone OS will be introduced in the release of Mosync's 2.4 versions and support for Blackberry OS is intended to be introduced later this year.

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