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Business name: Nth Dimension (Registered in New Delhi)

Business type: Sole proprietor

Registration: Registered under chapter V of Finance Act, 1994 with service tax rules, 1994 with Central Excise Dept.

Tel: 9718165735 (CEO), 9560640848 (Management)

E-mail: info@newdelhiseo.com

Physical address: 8/22,south patel nager, New Delhi


Company History

Established in 2009, we are a team of enthusiastic individuals who are passionate about Internet technologies. Though our brand name is recent we bring with us long years of experience, a zeal to learn and share new technologies and a motivation to carve out profitability for our clients. We have satisfied clients in Travel and Hospitality Industry, Advanced Scientific Research, Business consultancy, Manpower Consultancy, Educational Institutions etc who have benefited from our Software development / SEO services / IT consultancy / Training Programs.



Vision statement

NewDelhi SEO wishes to be a strong force in cutting edge web development and advanced digital marketing arena. We envision a global operation with Indian values and western work culture. Its not just B2B services, we are working diligently on various web products which will add value to the web and bring revenue and reputation to our company as well.

Mission statement

We might be a handful of individuals with expertise in a few technologies right now, but we are on a mission to grow into a MNC. We have already tied up with strong business partners based in Boston, MA and have high profile candidates in our portfolio. We have a unique customer identification system that makes sure our hands are full with projects. Further, our strong online network of friends, professionals and young entrepreneurs ensures great business recommendations.

Our executives are trained to identify and prioritize critical process of planning and executions which enables us to keep multiple clients happy with minimal workforce. We work at a high level of professionalism and personal approach to each client. This might sound like an exaggeration but we have not lost a single client till date. Every one of them has come back for more.


We have survived till in this fiercely competitive industry by sticking to American work culture fortified with Indian Values. We go by deadlines and proper estimates which most of the Indian companies fail to do. Our team will work overtime if the situation demands it. Indian market is today identified as desperate freelancers and companies who will agree to all conditions to get the deal and then submit substandard product/service with complete disregard to industry best prax and ethical conventions. We have maintained our level of professional dealings at par with our Western counterparts. Having American business partner immensely helps you in that regard.

For us profits are not the ultimate goal. We are a growing company and our reputation as trusted industry experts is what we bank on. We wish to carry these simple values further.

Business goals & objectives

Business strategy

For the time being we are limited to Internet Technologies and Digital Marketing. We do not have further plans to diversify. One separate effort that is under process is to train quality professional training that helps us recruit good talent and also help professionals achieve better industrial knowhow and improve their productivity in market.

Economic intent

We are a profitable organization. But profit is not our intent. Providing quality service is the intent and it just happens that happy clients directly equates to higher profits. We have worked with start ups at ground level at budgets normally ignored by other companies. Those start ups have latter grown to bring us further business. We invest in goodwill.

Company Hierarchy and Manpower

Ownership Structure

Owner : Rooturaj Pattanaik (Sole Proprietor)

Professionals & Advisors

Technology Advisor

Mr Kishore Swain,

Senior Manager, TCS, Bhubaneswar, India

SEO Adviso

Mr Philip Nikolayev (PHD), Havard

CEO, Search Benefit, Cambridge, MA, USA

Marketing Advisor

Mr Sunil Kumar

CEO, MyFlightTrip, NewDelhi, India

Attorneys (none)

Accountants (One accountant - Part Time)