How to Increase YouTube Video Views and get Viral

Here are some quick tips about increasing your YouTube video views and getting viral quick. 1. Pick a good topic that you know will drive user engagement and has a chance of getting viral. Trending topics are the best stuff to start with. Controvers

Smartphone Applications Development Company in Delhi

As per Altman Vilandrie and Company’s research, two-thirds of U.S. Residents will carry a smartphone in next five years, and Gartner predicts Smartphones shipment would exceed the normal phone shipment by 2013 worldwide. Add in the effect of 3G

The Five Cross Platform Mobile Application Development Tools One Should Try

Cross-Os platform for mobile development is coming up at a time when the conventional mobile apps such as iPhone and Android are slowly waning. People should try to acquaint themselves with the new kid on the block, cross-Os platform for mobile devel

Remove qvo6 from Chrome & Firefox [SOLVED]

What is problem? is a search engine plug-in which may come during the installation process of some free software installed in your computer. It automatically installs itself to your browser. People are getting irritated by the issu

How to Remove Yontoo

What is Yontoo? Yontoo is a browser add-on that passes the web in a parallel way rather than the typical vertical website archive. It is intended to allow you to add a custom profile on popular social networking sites. It’s discussed if the pr

Moving emails from one cpanel email account to another

When you move your hosting to a different server you face the issue of migrating the emails from old cPanel to the new cPanel. Many a times I have seen website owner sacrificing all old mail during the server change process, because their developer d review: Sub standard SEO hosting, Inferior Support

Dear SEOs / Blogger / Business owners, I am addressing all those who are considering buying C Class IP hosting service from I write this to share my nightmarish experience with the mentioned company. I am not motivated or paid b

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